Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fina's Dairy: The Road

Three months ago...

"Hey daddy I just saw you on T.V you didn't tell me you where vying for presidency" , said rophina, oh dear I did not want you bothering about politics and my aspiration, but since you have found out I have been recognized as the flagbearer of my party by the electoral body" , Engr. Basil, her father, said in reply. Rophina was so happy and her father was suprised since he thought that she would be upset and scared since politics in the country was not a play thing. Rophina was really happy at the prospect of her father being the next president. And that night was the warmest night she ever had with her parents.
Hey, Fina as she was fondly called by her father, I bought you a dairy, I know you have many but this one is special I want you to make notes of my pre election activities, this excited Fina so much that she felt she had already accomplished her dream of being a journalist.
Fina named her dairy "The Road".

Hey friends before I share my diary I am Rophina the only child and daughter of Engr. Basil Ubanabia and Doctor Esther Ubanabia. I am sixteen and a student in one of the luxury private schools around. I love my parents and doing a story of my dad's pre-election would be interesting. Please share my dairy with me.
Now let's share my Diary;

Day 1, Sunday 15, February 2015 :
Who is Engr. Basil Ubanabia

Dear diary, Engr Basil Ubanabia is my dad!! who is married to former miss Esther Ubanabia , he was born into the family of a great merchant and school teacher Chief and Mrs Egwuatu Ubanabia of Imo State in 28 October I961. My dad had a very humble beginning, I don't mean he was poor sha, his parents were okay, as far as I have heard. Dad went to one of the local schools in present day Abia state. He said it wasn't fun, but when he remembered the tasty food of vegetable soup that was waiting for him at home he was appeased. That's one thing you should know, dad can do anything for vegetable soup. Before Dad's fourth year at school his mama died, he was so pained and wouldn't go to school. My dad was an only child and so his dad found it neccessary to get another wife, grandma Lucy, my dad always says he owes his life to grandma Lucy, he is so fond of her. That apart, six months after his mother's death he was sent to England to live with my granddad's longtime friend Oba Bose Abosede who was then a student at one of the universities there.  While there Father finished his primary and secondary school and gained a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge University. He worked for a car manufacturing company for a while before he came back to Nigeria under advicement to do his National Youth Service. After that he set up a small company that sold fairly used heavy duty machines. With time he delved into construction and from there his success story began. He has been involved in other organisations as owner or part owner. Dad is the man. He is a philanthropist and an intelligent manager... Goodnight diary!

Till next week guys!

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