Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nigerian Embassy In Guinea-Bissau Burned Down!

It is believed that the Nigerian Embassy in Guinea-Bissau may have been torched down by furious indigenes.

Tensions were running high in the capital of
Guinea-Bissau Tuesday after the kidnapping of
a young boy and protests against the alleged
protection of the suspected Nigerian kidnappers by the police. Hundreds of people, mostly youths armed with bottles and pebbles, rallied near the capital Bissau's main market, challenging a large number of police officers.
Young men rained pebbles on a police car in
which one of the three Nigerians accused of the kidnapping was sitting after protesters sought to lynch him.
"Kill the Nigerians. Enough is enough. Nigerians out of here," some shouted. After firing warning shots and using tear gas to break up the protest, police asked the army
and peacekeepers of the 15-nation Economic
Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
for reinforcements.

Most shops in the capital were closed for fear
of further violence. Child kidnappings have become a hot-button issue in Bissau in recent days and the subject is regularly brought up on local radio stations. The fear of abductions is such that unaccompanied children are no longer allowed to roam the streets and people in the company of children they cannot prove are their relatives are immediately arrested.

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