Sunday, 20 October 2013


So we stand and glare, unraveling our shortcomings, shaking our heads and nodding them to compliment our piques. Our thoughts filled with resentment and centered basically on wishes. Our greatest inspiration comes from our inner self, as witnesses to life's processes. The conclusion we draw is however a sequel to what we wanna discover, practice or resent. Striking a balance between our needs, desires, and wants, we however stray sometimes from the sequel of events and thus blame our actions on people, society, government, trends, desire, achievements etc...But however, we seem to forget that we have in one way or the other hurt ourselves. Ask yourself, AM I responsible for ME?? And on the other hand, ask yourself , how well has each heartbeat of mine been useful?? Have I prayed, believed, dreamed, tried or even failed, influenced or lived well?? Don't ever allow your distaste of someone impair your ability to reason in effect of a power play cos' you will witness a copious defunct. Its a personal ordeal with your persona to qualify your predicament... Remember, one of the worst mistakes u can make about beings is underestimating one cos' if you mistake or assume an easy going exterior betrays a lack of resolve, always remember that there is a will of iron in every being which is not above displaying some strands of temper. Take a trip down memory lane, canvassing all the detours of your inner self because you can never have words without work, science without definition, pleasure without conscience, religion without sacrifice or even politics without principles. Even while you feel that your complacency is genuine, the next minute is not assured!!! So in all your gears to practice expediency and reach your goals or burst your targets, take a trip to your heart because I have learnt that in the SPIRIT OF DEFINING REALITY, I have to drive through a pathway called SELF DISCOVERY. Yeah.. Charity begins at home, but home begins with you and this could be measured by results because there is a home within every heart. All these could be measured by factors, and facts. One of which is RESPONSIBILITIES! But, hey!!! nobody can ever be perfect!! Only God knows it all.. ▼ Hide quoted text

God bless you for reading this

Ejoh Chidinma @physio_dinsin

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