Sunday, 13 October 2013


In the spirit of pursuit of happiness, grace is
involved. The first step of living is the acceptance of fate. It is clearly seen that the
rate of struggle versus that of result are very
comparatively considered and evaluated.

The distinct figure man creates in his persona
and disposition also have consequences.
Proximity of assistance, clarity of indulgences,
fate, faith, motivation, tenacity, rendition, luck,
forces of nature and every other factor which
pro creates self, happiness, freedom, and being are engulfed in that composition too.

All individuals are born different. They are
therefore single-handedly endowed distinctively with insights, confidence, conscience and intellects with a firm grip of constructive criticism, manipulative tendencies, self-inborn characteristics, spirit, talents, destiny, mistakes, etc and a clear thinking faculty- Central Nervous System which is the execution house for all these behaviors.

There might be a touch of behavioral modeling
in the quest of actions taken and this also
commemorates a large part of learning
principle in humans. Time is a factor that plays
its cause and shouldn’t be ignored because the
lives and times of individuals constitute a
major part of existence. For every second of the day, there is an action which always leads to something, sometimes, somewhat different. Therefore, as witness to life’s testimonies, time lost can never be gained.

Some humans have a cast of always castigating
and imploding themselves to be epitomes of ill
luck to others. That extinct piece of gross
misinterpretation has been fairly considered as
null and void by many others who practice that

What is life??
In my own definition for this context, life is the following;

(1) God (Religion)
(2) Self
(3) People (World)
(4) Activities (Linked with time).

Coining up all the above listed gives a comprehensive and coherent definition of what life is all about in its fullness.
Life therefore has a meaning. All individuals
have the right to happiness, fulfillment, right
to live, engage in activities, liberty, freedom
and reasoning. This is true because everyone’s
global visions are different; for some, it could
be for many, while for many, it could be for one or none as the case may be.
Service to humanity starts with self and
interpersonal relationship because of the value
of respect filled with discipline. Theories of
life’s philosophies depend on one’s definition
in many ways eg metaphysically or otherwise.
Definition follows every context and reality has
an interplay with that. Superstitions could work
for many because beliefs, customs, and traits
are meant to be acknowledged.

The key to success is determination but the key
to happiness is definition. There is always a
trial BUT in every trial, experience is not always the best teacher because one might not live to tell the story. Everyday the struggle for
survival continues and while on that, still on
still, deaths and births happen concurrently.
Honesty and integrity play a vital role in one’s
legacies and one must always gear efforts to
leave legacies behind because a legacy is
man’s inescapable imperative same as philosophy. 

So, my major advice is this; live life as beautiful as it, scaling through every hurdle that comes, serving humanity in a very special way, not forgetting God which is the overseer and creator of humanity, have a good life, nothing counts the more.

“R.I.P to all souls who have left this year, may the good Lord bless your souls.
Re:Bomb Blast victims, Accident Victims, June 3rd (Dana plane crash), Flood victims, Aluu 4.
Social network victims, and my humble Dad-
Dr H Ejoh.“……….

Let the world they have left behind always be
proud of their legacies….

Written By Ejoh Chidinma G |
Twitter: @physio_dinsin

God bless you for reading this.

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