Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Emeka Morgan Denies Any Involvement in The Death Of Mc Loph

Tell us how you met MC loph and the kind
of relationship you had with him.

I met Mc Loph at Divine Fountain Hotel during Mr Obi Madubuogwu's birthday party. He was first Introduced by Mr Madubuogwu he told me that he would like to join my record label because of the good relationship I have with my artistes.I referred him back to Mr. Obi to discuss about it. They later came to conclusion after the normal process and he passed our background check and other requirements and he got signed into the label. He was a very humble man.   

You are accused of abandoning the late MC Loph's mum who is now also late. They say you did not fulfill the promises you made to take care of her.

First, I did not make any promise with Mc Loph's family and should not be responsible for that. When Mc Loph died my Eastern manager informed me about the death, I was
very sad. I sent my manager to his family house in the village to meet with his family
members. When my manager came back from
his house he told me that Mc Loph family will
need help especially to renovate their house
and other things because the family have
already requested my number to see how I can help them. When I spoke with his Uncle
he told me that there was no money in the
house to bury Mc Loph. I sent my Eastern manager back to their house to get all the
estimate to renovate the house and also all
the burial arrangement plan and how much it
will cost to bury him. I gave the money for
the burial.  However, before the burial Nkiru
Mc Loph fiancee requested N250,000.00 for
her hospital bill which I gave to Mr Obi Madubuogwu to give her.

Do you believe in juju? I ask because there
are allegations that you were responsible for the death of mc loph and that the car you gave
him was the reason he died.

I was born into a christian home and I don't
believe in Juju. I am very happy that Nigerians are smart people that cannot be deceived just like that. And for those who believe in Juju,they should take their minds off that because it is not true. Now for the car issue Mc Loph will be #27th person I gave a car and none of them died in any auto crash. They are still living today. I want to state here now that my hands are clean,i had no hand in his death.

They say you used him for ritual and that his mum cursed you before she died.

I am not a ritualist and will not be, his mother did not curse me rather before I left the burial the entire family said more thanks to me. I don't know who fabricated that. Well
everybody can say what they feel like but God
knows the truth and he will deal with the liars.

What about Mc Lophs son? They also said you
abandoned the little lad.

I did not abandon the son. when I visited
Nigeria last time I went to their house to visit
them but the fiance went to the hospital with
the son. I spent time with the family members and they were all happy to see me.
I also informed them that if they need my
help they should not hesitate to call me. I gave them money and stuff before I went
back home. I have tried my best in the best
way I can, I don't understand why some
people who probably have a bone or two to
pick with me will just wake and cook up such
wicked and dangerous stories.people should
fear God!

Did you get to speak with Mc lophs mum before she died?

Yes I spoke with her.

What was the problem with you and actor
Obi Madubuogwu,there seemed to be a lot
of insinuations and obi is alleged to have cried out that they should ask you about the death of Mc Loph.

I don't have any problem with Mr Obi Madubuogwu. I believe he has a problem
with himself. This life is a checker-board It is just time, what ever we have done on earth we are going to stay to cash the check. I was
not sad of what they accused me about but I
was more concerned about Mc Loph's mother
because they had to wickedly remind the poor
woman about her painful loss.  It is very sad
but let God be the Judge I have no power to
judge or fight anyone.

What is your relationship with actress Jennifer Eliogu? There are allegations that you are the reason her marriage broke up.

Jennifer Eliogu is my friend. I have huge
respect for her and she is a very hard working
lady. It is not true that we dated or are dating,i met her for the first time during Mc Loph's burial that was in 2011.

There are allegations you have five children
from five women and that you are going through a divorce yourself right now.

It is not true people are just making stories about me for no reason

I heard a rumor that you signed Vector Theviper?

I am happy you used the word "rumor" and it is clear that is not a fact it is still a rumor. I did not sign Vector.

As a business man would you sign him if you have the opportunity?

It is premature to talk about signing Vector Theviper now because he has a contract with his record label.

I heard that you and YSG Entertainment CEO
are not on talking terms and he accused you about taking away his artistes.

I am not fighting with anybody and cannot change his mindset on how he feels about me. All I know is that signing vector is not in my budget right now.

Vector put a baseball cap with an inscription "MORVEC" on the social media which is what sparked the rumour. MORVEC Simply
means Morgan Vector Entertainment are you
aware of that ?

Vector is a grown man and all he is doing best known to him.i am a different person, I am Morgan Emeka Nwanne Oguejiofor. He is
my good friend I cannot deny him, However
we don't have any business relationship right

                            Source: Stella Dimoko

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