Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Prophecy For Wizkid On Nairaland by Nairalander

My people I saw this post on Nairaland, I dey fear for Wizkid life ooo!

“This is a prophecy for Wizkid, God wants you
back, he wants to take back the talent he has
given you. He wants you to start singing for him.

Thus saith the lord. God’s eternal salvation plan
confounds human logic. Humans expect salvation to come in ways humans normally experience it like through strong, powerful, authority figures. God promises to bring salvation that will transform the world’s power structures. Please this should be taken seriously, this is from me to you Wizkid. You know I’m right, the dreams and the strange sensation of awe you experience most times, that’s God, come to him and the joy you think you have now will be smithereens where his
joy is.”

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