Thursday, 23 January 2014

Gay or Anti-Gay: Questions That Speak Your Stance

So friends like you heard the Nigerian government has promised to throw all Gay/Lesbian peeps into jail. I need you guys to help me with my assignment on Gays  Homosexuals Lesbians blablabla.
Please encode the questions and answer accordingly with either emotion or rationality.

i. In general what do you think about Gays/

ii. Do you think its their fault they are the way
they are?

iii. Do you believe that Gay/Lesbian is actually a disorder?

iv. In the case your brother or sister is a Gay/Lesbian, how would you treat he or she?

v. Do you think the federal government did the right thing in passing the # AntiSameSexMarriageBill into law?

vi. What would be your response if you see a Gay/Lesbian person being stoned or persecuted?

vii. Can you make a Gay/Lesbian person your friend?

viii. Will you accept to participate in Gay-ism/Lesbianism

ix. Do you think it will be fun?

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