Saturday, 25 January 2014

Photo Of Lagos State University(LASU) Professor Caught Red HANDED In The ACT

Take a good look at this "yakpas" lecturer with grey hair,fooling himself in the name of fun and I am very sure he has a daughter of her age at home. But when will all this rubbish stop in our higher leaning institutions?

LASU Prof caught in the act with a student at a dingy hotel! With all the sordid act, she wont graduate with a first class honours so why enslave the poor student!

Many of these Professors just want to have a taste of every beautiful girl on campus and when you refuse they will fail you even if you pass your exams...

It is obvious why many of these girls can't even defend their results because they "yanshed" their way to graduate..what a shame,....
SOURCE: Amazing Stories Around The World

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