Friday, 31 January 2014

Popular Kenyan And Nigerian Musician P Nine Is Back And Bigger

The Award winning Naija flavor artist P Nine
Popularly known for his hit single 'TIKOLO' is
rumored to be back in a big way.

After being away for two years setting up
successful businesses in Dubai, Nigeria and
Kenya, P Nine has not forgotten his fans and
has been hitting studios in Kenya and Nigeria
and is ready to make a comeback.

"I am back bigger and better. I learnt a lot
about good music while abroad and I am bringing it all back home. God has been faithful and I will be releasing my singles
soon. One will be ready for release before the
end of January", P Nine.

While Announcing his plans through his
recording label Melodia, he said he plans to
run a charity that will help in giving back to
the community as a way of thanking God and
his fans for standing by him through his
musical journey. P Nine is signed to Melodia. Melodia is a talent management unit (wholly Kenyan) seeking to professionally manage and see young fresh talent bloom and spread them
across Africa and the world. Reward is imperative when nurturing talents, and Melodia is committed on seeing our artists

"We have pumped millions in a bid to build
their careers, because even the mighty oaks
that tower need constant watering to take
their place below the clouds", Ronald Kimani,
C.E.O, Melodia.

P Nine has won a Mwafaka Award, Xtreem
Teeniez Award, and has been nominated in
Kubamba Music Video Awards. He is currently
a front runner in a US based Prayze Factor
Awards for International Artist Category. His
song Tikolo was used as a sound track in
MTV's Shuga season 1.

Watch out for P Nine's New Single Ebenezer,
coupled with a few charity events.

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