Monday, 17 March 2014

Protesting The #NIS National Immigration Service Exam In Lagos By UCHE ANYABUIKE

Yours humbly in Lagos,two days ago, led a
mamoth crowd of angry youths but fine minds in every sense of the word to stampede the sham called aptitude test as opined by NIS.

Having braving gun point by a police officer and conquering intimidation,the colossus crowd automatically entrusted on me the privilege to galvanise the struggle. The exam,we thought, was a rape on our collective intelligence and acumen hence we were determined to tell the authorities that we are no fools as they would have thought.

For more than six hours therefore,we marched
and held that aspect of Lagos to a stand
still,i.e,the express way around the National
Stadium at Surulere...there was no form of
vehicular movements! Our obvious frustration prompted the aggression and by extension,our demands, part of which was, that the facade called exam, be outrightly cancelled. In the end,we had our way as the minister has declared the cancellation of the Lagos centre.

I like to use this medium to thank everyone who made that struggle a success. However,I must vent my disappointment at Channels TV for not giving the protest so to say,the kind of coverage it deserved. We suspect a compromise! We wanted the world to see that footage and by extension,send a signal to all and sundry that over 60 million Nigerian youths can not be intimidated atleast,not by the fraudsters parading themselves in government as have been displayed by NIS.

May it be known that this nation now sits comfortably on kegs of gun powder ready enough for an explosion and soon.

All I can is that two days ago,we were united in
our frustration and the sentiments of party
lines,ethnicity and religion never counted.A sure signal!

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