Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Unilag Girl Goes Gaga In Festac

It was a sorry sight when just two days ago a UNILAG girl went mad on the streets of FESTAC. There were some nasty pictures of her getting naked in public and showing of her gold! This makes me wonder why anybody would want to hurt such a damsel.

This is the sad story of a student of the University of Lagos who went on an insane display while on her way to catch up with an “appointment” with a man in the FESTAC area of Lagos.
Its crazy that somebody put her in this mess and is now “” no where to be found. I hear her family is in serious shock and is struggling to restore her sanity! Nobody knows who she slept with before going insane but my source says she was on her way to another “appointment” to "service" her sugar daddy before she went berserk.

This is the pic of the girl @ the beginning of her craze, you can see that aproko man abi! Lol #SayNoToRape

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