Monday, 7 April 2014

Members Of APC Youth Wing, APC-National Youth Frontier, Decamp

Youth wing dumps APC for PDP
The crisis rocking the All Progressive Congress
(APC), yesterday took a new twist as a youth wing
of the party dumped it for the ruling Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP). The defecting youths
cited the hijacking of the party’s structure by the
recently defected PDP governors as the reason for the mass exodus.

The leadership of APC-National Youth Frontier in a press conference in Abuja said what they have witnessed so far in the party was the direct opposite of their expectation and aspiration.

National coordinator of APC-Youth Frontier,
Usman Okai Austin added that the in ability of
the party to adminis- ter internal justice and
follow international best practices as regards
democratic tenets has created fears and
disgruntlements among youths. Austin said, “if
APC is left unchecked, the party will visit a reign of injustice on the nation.

“When the APC autocratically forced decamping
PDP governors to come from no- where and hijack
the party built by others, is this injustice or the
practice of internal de- mocracy?” Austin queried.

The group also wondered why “the structure of
the APC in northern states are under the
stronghold of state governors, but the practice is different in the South-West.

“The shocker to us came when the leadership of the APC at national level, instead of cancelling and calling for fresh and fair play in membership registration, went ahead to accept the fraud as the registration.

“This action alone calls for rethink and as youths
that believe in justice, fairness and equity, we
consider it frivolous, unjust and undemocratic
to fold our hands and close our eyes to this

“In light of all these anoma- lies mentioned, we
have no choice but to abandon this sinking ship.
We have come to the conclusion that APC is more of a paper tiger and rely heavily on dishing out threats, intimidation and falsehood rather than
come up with solutions that would ameliorate
the plight of Nigerians.

“We have resolved to henceforth change our
name from APC Youth Frontier to PDP Youth
Frontier and pledge to work harmoniously under
the supervision of PDP national youth leader and
their states youth leaders and dedicate ourselves
to all the activities of PDP from now onward,”
Austin stated.

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