Thursday, 20 August 2015


“In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

It is imperative at this junction to make us understand certain things. Lagos State University, the great citadel of Knowledge situated in Ojo area of Lagos State, has had certain issues in the last eight months which had even grounded activities at some period.

Today, 20th of August, 2015; a rainy Thursday, we have experienced two different actions at a time. As at 9am this morning, the students’ Union executive had called for a meeting with regard to the purported mass failure of 200l and 300l students offering General Nigerian Studies (GNS). Due to this, an agreement was made by students in attendance to create awareness by blocking the gates of the campuses. It is to be known that this did not affect movement of our lecturers uploading results in the campus.

Therefore, Dr Adekunle Idris, Chairman of ASUU-Lasu, should hold NANS Zone D (SouthWest) for their acts and not the Students’ Union. If our Lecturers think we would stop and hinder them from making us progress, then it cannot be so. I appease all involved to tread softly due to the owing fact that there is a need to avoid a crisis in Lasu especially at this crucial moment when our academic calendar is found wanting.

I applaud both my Union’s Exco act and the actions of NANS Zone D but we all must remember if we do the right thing at the wrong time then there is a problem. For every act, we must have the right timing and as such, I beseech them to take cognizance of that fact.

Repositioning LASU is the duty of all Lasuites and well-wishers of the University. Let’s try our best to work towards that

Ayodeji Cornelius Eluwande (DEJMAN); 200l Common Law.

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