Friday, 2 September 2016

International NGO seeks funds to #HelpChinyere a multi diagnosed sick woman

An international NGO, Genius Eyes International Foundation, has come out to seek the help of Nigerians to support and assist a lady, Chinyere who is sick on many fronts. Mr Paulcy has been helping people of all ethnicity that led to his involvement in a fatal accident that almost claimed his life and almost left him cripple.
He has urged everyone and anyone to come to the aid of this mother of 2.
Use the #HelpChinyere to spread the word.

From the wall of Paulcy Cyprian Iwuala:

I've not been able to update because alot of things has been diagnosed about her, she has a ruptured womb, and affected fallopian tube, she bleeds, stools and pukes, she also have a type b hepatitis which is the treatment going on now, she is using a very strong antibiotics that's costs almost 17k for a full day dose with other medication..


Chinyere is a very lively lady that have always worked hard to help her daughter after her man abandoned her and her 2 daughter's which are underage and right now due to the level of the hepatitis they won't allow her daughter's near her, it painful because she cries from morning till night wriggling in pains coming from inside her stomach, right now already I've spent over 170k and yet we just started the main treatment yesterday morning as she was moved to a private ward for people with hepatitis while awaiting for the surgery...

From estimation from what I got from the doctors it is going to cost upto 700k to get her stabilised, I also intend running a total check up on her kids as they have been falling sick and I need to make sure they are fine before sending home because it won't be safe for them being around ...


We are bringing in specialists to look into her case now to determine how urgent the surgery would be but we need to get the money involved ready to make sure it won't stop the treatment I appreciate the ones that have contributed but right now we have nothing please if nothing for the kids they have no one else, I tell you no one else ...


Genius Eyes International Foundation For the Hopeless
C/o Monsieur Bon Group Limited
38 Mcc Road
St John's Lab Building
Owerri. Imo State.
+234 816 1284877
+234 817 1531958

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