Saturday, 12 November 2016

Facebook User Births "Recession Alleviation Awards"

A facebook, Sandra Duru user births Recession Allevation Awards. She says the awards is established to help those in dire need of cash and help in this current recession.

"Recession Alleviation Awards" (R.A.A)
(Cash Benefit Award) NOVEMBER 2016!
Do you have anybody or family in dire need of RAA Cash Benefit for the month of November 2016?
Can you volunteer to visit the person or family in need out of your tight/busy schedule? If yes, we need you to indicate interest here and be willing to follow RAA criteria for selection.

"Recession Alleviation Awards" (R.A.A), In view of the excruciating hardship, Nigeria today, most times i seat on the dinning table with my kids to have either breakfast, lunch or dinner, i feel so unhappy knowing that there are so many kids back home, in Nigeria, who go to bed with an empty stomach and wake up looking hungry, starving and looking malnourished.
Imagine, some Nigerian kids don't even have school sandals, shoes...clothes to wear and we have some adults who are determined to get a job to enable them provide for their family but sometimes they don't even have transport fare to go for interviews.
For this reason, i have decided to use my facebook page to touch one family, or a child, or anybody in need, once every month by celebrating my facebook friends monthly.
The person with the highest 'likes' and 'comments' put together gets N10,000 from me to sponsor a family/person in need....and the picture of the outreach program will be uploaded on my facebook once in a month.
The 1st position goes to visit the family or person in need while the 2nd and 3rd position add some money to the N20,000 donated by me.
We are going to be celebrating the men and women separately, every month on my wall. The men will get a N10,000 donation from me, while the first position from the women group gets N10,000, amounting to the N20,000 award money.
You are free to join the team, make your donations voluntarily to the winners directly every month.
God Bless You All.
Dr. Sandra Duru

The RAA is affiliated to the Pre-Adult Affairs Organization, an international UN recognised NGO founded by Dr Sandra C, Duru since the year

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