Friday, 2 December 2016

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe To Visit Imo Entertainers AS AMA Awards is Cancelled

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Following a long drawn battle between the organisers of the  African Modelling Ambassadors Awards (AMA Awards) and the organisers of the African Movie Academy Awards over naming rights, grapevine has it that the promoters of the African Modelling Ambassadors Awards (AMAA) has decided to let sleeping dogs lie for the sake of peace not minding the huge investment that has been put into the organisation of the award.

Following series of media publications and an alleged court injunction, it certainly may have become unwarranted for the promoters of this gallant event to go ahead with it.

But certainly the organisers of the Owerri event have certainly played smartly, despite the inconvenience that may have arisen  and the disappointment for ticket holders, as it would have been embarrassing to find themselves in court with the original AMAA.

In a chat with DPB, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe in an emotional ladden voice expressed her disappointment in the matter, noting that a state she held dear to her would get involved in such a mess.
She wondered why the promoter, Prince Chukwu Roland Ogbonnaya, of the event would stoop so low as to use her trademarked name to promote his event without consulting her.

The entertainemnt mogul stated that following the embarrassing controversy she has made plans to hit the Imo State Capital, Owerri, to meet with local entertainers in respect to the issue and other important matters.

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