Monday, 30 January 2017

Five Star Music Lied In Against Harrysong – Oguejiofor

ABUJA – A former Head of Artiste and Repertoire department in QuestionMark Records, Kaycee Ogueijiofor, who facilitated Harrysong’s deal with the label in 2009, has faulted claims made by Five Star Music on the imbroglio between the label and Harrysong over allegations of contract breach and fraud.
Responding to the press statement in which Five Star Music alleged that Harrysong was a habitual jumper of contracts including the ones he had with former label – QuestionMark.

Oguejiofor said that he was shocked that Five Star Music could be misled to issue such a false statement and described it as “so full of contradictions.”

While setting the record straight, Oguejiofor said: “Firstly, I was working with Questionmark in the Artiste and Repertoire department of the label when Harrysong signed his first contract with the label,

“Harrysong signed his contract with us on June 16th, 2009 after two months of negotiation, as against claims that in 2008, He attempted to jump his subsisting contract with QuestionMark by approaching Five Star Music for a deal which was declined for obvious legal reasons.

“With all due respect to Five Star, in 2008, Kcee was still in a group with Presh John, how then did Harrysong approach him at that time for a deal?“I recall that sometime in February or March, 2013 Kcee took Harrysong to Spain to shoot a video “I’m in love” (remix) with Olamide, which was directed by one of the Five Star personnel without Questionmark’s consent.

“Again, the lawsuit that Questionmark instituted against Five Star was filed on the 23rd December, 2013, after we sent several letters to meet and discuss on Harrysing’s relationship with Kcee’s team, but the good folks at Five Star didn’t show up, You may ask Barrister Victor Onyegbado – he was our lawyer

“You can check the dates online for facts, how then did Harrysong again beg them (Five Star) in 2014; when, in actuality, they were begging him to sign with them in 2013?

“I reiterate, Five Star shot a video for Harry and sponsored his trip to Spain in 2013, when they were “toasting” him to sign with them and breach his contract with QuestionMark?”

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