Monday, 13 March 2017

Stolen Bag Of Oxford University Professor Recovered At A Bus Stop In Lagos.

Here's an update on the man who was arrested by security operatives for his high-profile theft in Lagos...The operatives of Rapid Response Squad today recovered more laptops and a tablet from Prince Agabi Junior Okanu’s previous escapades. Okanu has been disguising as a dignitary to a lot of high profile events stealing laptops, tablets and mobile phones of high profile guests.

His confessions have led to the arrest of some buyers of the several stolen items, which investigators are trying to recover from the buyers.

Apart from the tablet and iphone of a visiting Oxford University Professor which Okanu stole, that were recovered along with three international passports, two additional laptops and an ipad were equally recovered this evening from his past efforts.

RRS officers are still trying to recover more stolen items from Okanu

Sources disclosed that he has promised to co-operate totally with investigators.

The Oxford Professor's bag, containing three international passport was recovered in Agric Bus Stop where the Okanu flung it after removing the tablet and iphone days ago by RRS officers.

On Tuesday, while Vice President Osinbajo was performing the ground breaking ceremony for Lagos – Ibadan Railway Project, Prince Okanu was there, seated behind Ministers and other dignitaries. He was speaking with a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria when he was invited out and promptly arrested.

Okanu, who just had his engagement ceremony, is telling the police more of his exploits.

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