Thursday, 11 May 2017

Paul Arisa Gives Up To Cancer... As GEIF Boss Mourns

Genius Eyes International Foundation boss, Paulcy Cyprian Iwuala, has joined the multitude of individuals who have come on social media to mourn the passing of cancer victim Paul Arisa.
Below is a note he penned to the late Arisa.

Have you been beaten by someone that you hate? Or someone that you feel you defeated or someone that you feel you are more intelligent than him? And all of sudden he came first and the teacher asked him to flog you?
The truth about being in this condition is that you will hold your shoulders high, tighten your teeth, hold back the tears, change your eyes into a stern reddish eye, filled with rage and anger to squeeze life out of this someone or something that have deprived you the right to say I won...

This is how much my buttoned feeling is right now this is how I feel, I seek for no pity but then I'll mourn him the way that will dissolve how I feel right now ... I say no more..
I wish you beautiful journey ahead, you told me you don't want to fight again that you have great faith in God and I believed you, may your faith and your believe lead you to a better home than this world... I love you brother be at peace ....


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