Friday, 12 January 2018

DJ Paky is an ingrate! - Yellowmouth reacts

Following yesterday's outburst by DJ Paky who exposed to that AY Markun of AY live and his AY Live Owerri organizers, being Lanre Markun Events and Yellowmouth Concepts, have refused to make any payment to him after he performed as the main DJ of the last AY Live Event that held in Owerri on 29th December 2017(read the exclusive report by GistGate HERE), Yellowmouth of Yellowmouth Concepts has called out DJ Paky on Facebook saying he is an ingrate.
Yellowmouth who is an event manager and who partnered with Lanre Markun to organize AY Live Owerri made this known on the Facebook post by editor Anaturuchi GreenBrain where the news of the rift was posted.

Yellowmouth also insists that AY Live is a great platform that artistes clamour to perform on and therefore DJ Paky was done a favor to perform at AY Live.
Yellowmouth​ commented:
"Ingrate that is what you are DJ Paky"
"Packy was done a favour by being on that platform which many people clamor for... I begged for him to be on the show which has DJ Jimmy Jatt too... My brother AY live is the biggest private platform in Africa, I'm privileged to be part of it..."
Reacting to the comment, DJ Paky has strongly said that he never agreed to perform free at AY Live Owerri:
"Our problem in this state is we are not organized... Am ingrate.. Other insult... Which flatform.. Did u tell me is free.. Yellow.. U told me I will be confirm we will work together for success of de show..for feel OK no how no how.. Something will enter my pocket ...becu is a big brand.. I was like for u not to tell me is free.ay will appreciate me tru u and de brother.. Me paky sale tickets share flayer use my car run things.. For good.i call u after show u tell u people is still checking balance.. After 5days I called u again.. U told me ay no de pay upcoming.. Lol c me paky for town I be upcoming.." Paky wrote.

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