Thursday, 18 January 2018

"I will Arrest Ifeanyi Cy Njoku" Onwuseraka


A very close ally of frontliner for the office of Governor in Imo State, Mr Ugochukwu Onwuseraka has threatened to arrest controversial Imo blogger and political analyst Mr Ifeanyi Njoku.

This arose from a post on Mr Ifeanyi's facebook wall which stated that the Ogwa born Mr Ugochukwu had crossed over to the side of another political heavyweight in the running for the Imo guber seat.
Mr Ifeanyi who was recently lambasted for false posts and information concerning the Imo State Deputy Speaker has also had heavy condemnation from the Imo populace on social media for constantly churning out false reports meant to demean the images of perceived opponents of his benefactors.

In response to the threat of arrest, Mr Njoku allegedly that he had a tape recording of Mr Onwuseraka were he made some damning statements against his supposed political ally.

Below are pictures of the facebook posts:



Good Afternoon all my friends.  Please ignore any post from one Frustrated self  acclaimed  blogger called Ifeanyi CY Njoku.

The idiot just posted something on facebook how I dumped my Bosom friend Ugwumba Uche Nwosu who is currently the Chief Of Staff Imo State Government.

 I have known Hon Uche Nwosu for over 21years now and our relationship has been very tight.  Ifeanyi CY Njoku the  political Sycophant  is  very stupid man to have written that rubbish he published on face book some minutes ago.

He is not even my friend on facebook,  I don't even have his  contact number.  I don't know how and  where he got his facts . I am giving him 24 hours to tender an apology or I will get him arrested by tmw.

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