Monday, 23 April 2018

Police Killed By Mob in Imo

Tragedy held sway at Golden Suite Hotel, Njaba, where a police man and a certain Mr Kingsley Aguguo from Nwangele LGA lost their lives in very horrific manner.

According to our sources, the said Kingsley from trying to separate what was becoming a heated fight between two visitors at hotel he never knew it was to be his last action.

The police man who was present at the scene and accidentally had his gun corked also tried to interfere in the situation and in the process shot the young man.
On seeing what had happened, youths around the vicinity took laws into their hands and brutally killed the police man.

While some stabbed him, others stoned him till his body was bloodied and cold.

At the time of this report there is yet an official statement from the Imo State Police Command concerning this devastating news.

From a facebook post made by a relative, the family is really devastated.

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