Monday, 16 July 2018


Chief Okey Ikoro Mkpadirigbo, Achoba Osunmanu,the strong man of Imo politics and the Chairman of APC Stakeholders forum cum Allied forces, was announced by Senator Araraume in a strategic meeting of members of Araraume campaign at his Isiebu fortress as the leader of his campaign.

Chief Okey Ikoro was announced as the deputy chairman of the campaign to deputise Sen. Araraume as the Chairman, while Hon Ernest ibejiako was appointed as the secretary of the campaign organization!.

Sen Araraume said that Chief Ikoro was
chosen because of his excellent leadership qualities by a select committee of the campaign, and been a private sector industrialist and a business man, he has the ability to manage men and resources, also having participated actively in Imo politics both as a candidate and aspirant, for years is very familiar with the political terrain in the state , and knows who is who in the state ,he described Ikoro as a professional in the act of primary elections having been a leading member of the team that lead him to win the 2015 election that was stolen.

Chief Ikoro in his response, promised to carry everybody along in the campaign and also said that nobody should be intimidated by the rantings of the Governor and his agents, as nobody has Monopoly of violence, he said that every body should brace up for the earth quake that will hit the state as Araraume formally declares for his Governorship .

Chief Ikoro said Sen Araraume will not only win the APC primary but will also win the general election come 2019. He said that his acceptance to lead this campaign was based on his conviction that from antecedents and past records of Senator Araraume, coming from a private sector background, his business success records, his maturity, he is best suited to salvage Imo from the current decadence is facing now, and to heal the wound that has been afflicted on the citizens by Rochas administration.

He said Imo is like failed business and requires an excellent manager to put it back on the path of recovery and growth like Anambra did it when they brought Mr Peter Obi.

He urged every supporter to go back to there wards that the battle is at home not in town.

He said it is the dawn of a new era in the campaign organization and it will not be business as usual , but success is assured.

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