Thursday, 12 July 2018


According to the mum, she got a call from her daughter that night at about 8:30pm on 21st June 2018, telling her she was at Control post Owerri and heading to CKC Obike In Ngor Okpala where she works as a Secretary.

The mum told her to come to family house at Irete and pass the night and then leave the following morning, but she insisted on going as she has a lot of things to do the next morning.
At about 10pm, she got to Ulakwo junction where she boarded a bike to CKC Obike, as bike men at Ulakwo confirmed noticing a lady that boarded a bike that night but couldn't identify the bikeman as he wasn't a member of their union.
Over the weekend, a lady was found wearing Cynthia's clothes and was arrested by the police and she took them to the person who gave her the clothes and that was how they were apprehended.
 Upon their arrest, they confessed to killing her. At first, they raped her and while raping her, they found out she was a virgin.
And then proceeded to killing her for rituals.
According to them, she kept on struggling with them for close to five hours and finally they hit her with a rod on her spinal cord and then another one at the back of her head and the she gave up the ghost.
Finally, they cut her parts and buried her.
According to the police, they took them to where they buried her and exhumed her body, but the family said the person doesn’t look like Cynthia, though they (extended family) believe she is dead because the culprits described her. But the body they were shown according to them doesn’t look like hers
The culprits confessed to killing two people that night, one which they described as Cynthia.

Until her death, Cynthia was an old girl of Owerri Girls' Secondary School 2007 set.

Rest on dear.


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