Saturday, 14 July 2018


Following a recent jibe from some Imo entertainers towards Imo based bloggers, actor Jude Bonnison has called out Imo based artiste for their selfish attitude and lack of marketability.

Below you will read his 10 reasons why the Imo entertainment industry isn't growing.

1: The reason Entertainment industry in Owerri is not growing is because there's so much hatred and pride in the city amongst men of like passion.

2: Entertainers don't flow along with Team, once one 'Efuluefu' has got one project/Idea,  he or she instead of gathering others and talk to them about it, plan on how to properly push such Idea ...No way they just want to fly with it because to them it's very easy to walk alone and make faster.

3: No proper Social media push and also entertainers lack the concept of brand image on social media as they think it's only to have their Projects on blogs that's all.

4: There's little or no support system, Entertainers are not united, the ones that has gotten to a certain level has distinguished themselves from those that are coming up and those that are coming up are already feeling like they have arrived so therefore to them it's all man for himself.

5: Entertainers from this side are only consistent on facebook, what'sapp , few check their instagram.  Twitter and Snapchat is a No No because they'll tell you they don't understand it.

6: Only in Imo state that you'll hardly see a controversial entertainer, everyone is forming what they are not.

7: The radio stations here are as cold as ice and the presenters are not engaging at all,  some of them don't go with their instincts, they play by scripts. Radio stations in Owerri lacks contents.

8: Entertainers hasn't done enough to attract supporters and sponsors to invest in the industry, check out those who has really done great, they have moved higher with their brands.

9: There's this huge and massive segregation in the entertainment industry of Imo state that has made it almost impossible for the industry to wax strong. There's this class of people who feels they're the kings and queens of the industry so therefore they don't want to create more awareness to sensitize others on the right part to follow and at least see the light.

10: Entertainers here don't want to bend down and understand the secret of Lagos they so much cherished, they don't know social media is the secret of Lagos, but all of them feel like once they enter Lagos everything will be alright. Maybe they should ask those that has traveled to Lagos how far.

Until Entertainers in imo state understand the full benefits and importance of social media tools like hashtags, trends, campaign, engaging contents, digital consistency, etc they will continue to head to doom.


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