Thursday, 16 August 2018

Aftermath of Iriji Mbaise: Minister's Son Cuts Through Ararume's Media Aide Over Uche Nwosu

Following the controversial conferment of Ugwumba Oha Niile to frontline Imo gubernatorial aspirant and Chief of Staff, Imo State government, High Chief Uche Nwosu, the social media has been set on a buzz as tantrums have been thrown from supporters and opposition to the honour.

While many feel it's just another title, a few Mbaise indigenes loyal to former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha under the guise of Ezuruezu Mbaise believed Chief Nwosu did not deserve the honour.

Thanks to AKIDI news we got a glimpse of one of such tantrums from son of Minister for State, Education, and medical practitioner, Dr Tony Anwukah and former S. A. ICT to the Imo State Governor and defector to the Imo APC Coalition as media aide to former Sen. Ifeanyi

In a Facebook post made by Ik Ogbonna to whip up non existent sentiment against the Chieftaincy coronation of Ugwumba Uche Nwosu by the entire Mbaise Nation, yesterday,  Tony blasted him thus, after showing him picture proof that the event was successful

"Ik Ogbonna
You want more pictures? Shamelessly trying to spread fear where there’s none! We came we saw we conquered."

Ik Ogbonna replied Tony Anwukah: "is that all"

Tony Answered him"Ik Ogbonna why don’t you tell me? Trying to whip up useless sentiments! *Pray for Mbaise*, is Mbaise at war or experiencing a natural disaster? I know you have to justify the stipends from your new paymaster, but at least do so like a professional."

Ik replied Tony Anwukah: "if I take on you, you won't be able to stand bro."

He continued "Tony Anwukah ok, when I ask IS THAT ALL, I didn't ask for more pictures. I understand you are studying medicine so I won't blame you. Ogwula nno is the Igbo interpretation. After King Herod gave his BELOVED daughter the head of John The Baptist, WHAT NEXT? Did she get to heaven, became more beautiful, taller, what?
After 1,000 policemen, 5,000 youths, all the hullabaloo WHAT NEXT?"

And Tony Awuka gives Ik the below the belt blow  "Ik Ogbonna his swearing in as the Executive Governor of Imo State on May 29th 2019 is next.
The real question should be what is next for you? Begging at the Gate of the people’s house or back to FUTO as a junior admin staff?"

Ik Ogbonna trying to regain balance from that upper cut, replied thus; "Tony Anwukah I don't blame you. I won't go down with you as doing so will amount to bringing myself to your level. EACH GIVES WHAT HE HAS. For the respect I have for your mum, a wonderful woman I would have taken you to the cleaner's."

Tony Awuka continues with his below the belt blow: "Ik Ogbonna lol @ bringing yourself to my level, don’t you think that would be tall and Herculean task for you to accomplish? We all know what trajectory part you would have to follow.

Back to politics...I understand you have a job to do (Must be really tough taking a job from a new paymaster with the job description of tarnishing the image of someone who MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE TODAY...such a shame!)
Uche Nwosu will be Governor! And there’s no amount of blackmail you and your gang will manufacture that can stop him.
I suggest you #Pray4Yourself and what becomes of your new Hatchet job role when your paymaster loses again (as usual) in 2019.”

Ik Ogbonna seeing that his contender was fully ready for him replied thus:  "Tony Anwukah I see you are ready to GET DOWN. Still I won't take the bait. Thanks"

Tony observing that Ik Ogbonna was too weak to return his blows, decided to have pity on him before he's accused of man slutter, he finally wrote thus: "Ik Ogbonna
That’s unfortunate, just when the gloves had come off.
Well till we meet again in one your anti-Uche Nwosu posts. Dalu”

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