Friday, 2 November 2018

Photo Africa Online Photo Contest Registration Begins

With the current growth of promotions and recognition of individual uniqueness and cultural tolerance, there has been a spike in the emergence of body conscious arts where the image of individuals as reflected in their culture has gained momentum in the main stream media, fashion and lifestyle.

 Not only has the beautiful image of body conscious art gained global acceptance, the technological advancement in arts for cultural integration and racial acceptance has had triumphs. 

Information technology and the mass media have been lucrative avenues which have been used to explore this concept. 

The inventions of applications (both for computer and mobile phones) to help transfer images globally have been commendable. 

These social networks have become avenues for the meeting of minds, bridging of racial boundaries and the promotion of the communal coexistence.


Photo Africa is an Online Photo Contest. It is deemed to be for both male and female, on a set that showcase beauty, glamour, style and culture. In its all-encompassing essence, Photo Africa sets a presidium as the first PHOTO CONTEST which has not been made for only professionals or the virtuosos in the fashion and modeling industry. 

It welcomes participants from all walks of life as its aim is to deem the objectification of beauty to racial identities and standards and on the long run strives to restore the fluidity in the appreciation of beauty. 

Also, the shaming of body sizes on the altar of mediocre social standards is highly deflated in Photo Africa.

Photo Africa welcomes all body sizes and shapes; from the plus size to the petite and other environmentally inspired concepts of beauty. 

With its sole aim being to promote multiculturalism among nations, Photo Africa on its first launch has taken frame in three African countries in order to accommodate a mixed context.

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